Monday, May 08, 2006

the rest of the (Sable) story

I saw the blue sable today (also posted here), the car we had to sell a couple of months ago.

We were at the doctor's office for Agent Wife's pregnancy check-up. We were in the waiting room over an hour with Agent Offspring (18 mo), so keeping AO occupied was priority #1. A young, possibly single-looking, pregnant mom and her 4 year old girl were waiting along with us. AO and the 4 year old girl entertained each other and played nicely, which was fun to watch.

After our appointment we walked across the parking lot to a different building to get some kind of blood sample taken. On our way back to the car my brain did a flashback as I tried to remember which car we had driven today. Which is stupid because we've only had one car (the millenium falcon) for at least 2 months or so. But the falcon was parked near a familiar blue sable.

I told AW of my brain slip. Then I saw the license plate and realized that it WAS our old car.

As we loaded in the falcon for take off we saw that pregnant mom and her 4 year old daughter walk toward the sable and hop inside.

Although I didn't know that young woman, my agent instincts told me that she didn't live the middle-class american dream. Man, I can't think of a better family that should own that sable. That car was a huge blessing for us. I hope the sable is as good to that young mom (or better) as it was for us.

Thank you CEO for comforting me with the rest of the story.