Tuesday, May 16, 2006

more Sanford related reports

1) Almost looked as though Jessie (Frieda's daughter) wouldn't make it in for the funeral since she's stuck in some small town miles away. She has no car, can't drive, has no money, and just moved out from home and in with a guy she barely knows. That's got to be scary. But for her, it's her only hope of transitioning from childhood to adulthood. We've seen this coming for years.

Tonight at the viewing I learned that Gramma had raised Jessie on and off up to age 14. Never knew that.

2) Doris the Drunk Driver was drunk last night and claims that she doesn't remember any conversation with me or The Bossman. I'm not disappointed or anything. Drunk or not, I'm convinced that her true, unashamed self spoke for a life change last night. Words are powerful and she spoke a desire to change.

1 comment:

miller said...

you are so right, words are powerful! she did speak a desire for change!

she feels it inside, she's going to die...

she knows she needs Jesus...

we keep praying!