Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Coltrane flashback

I use to be a huge jazz fan. I still am. But I got rid of my hord of jazz recordings years ago.

Today at the library I ran across a Coltrane compilation. Brought it home for kicks.

Songs like Alabama and the "Acknowledgement" from A Love Supreme mean much more to me from within a secret agent context as opposed to my happy-go-lucky college days.


miller said...

isn't it awesome to re-experience music after you've walked away for awhile? i've been doing the same thing lately. i got rid of all my secular music (except for some instrumental stuff like manaheim steamroller) a few years ago and now i am enjoying listening from a new perspective.


katrina said...

Love that. This is all funny; I listened to Coltrane (for the first time) all morning in the office... which happens to be in the library... hmmm....