Saturday, May 27, 2006

I have beer

aka: Testimony #012.5

This is a real treat. I mean, I haven't bought beer in well over a year. Probably 2 years.

Now I've drank beer during that time, usually at neighbor's backyard gatherings, etc. But their beer is always bad beer.

Not that I have any right to criticize a man's beer. But when I use to buy beer, I always bought high quality beer. You know, yuppie white-boy stuff. I figure beer is something to be consumed by a standard of quality, not quantity. If I pay more for it, I will savor it and not abuse it.

But I haven't been able to afford beer in 2 years. So, woe is me.

But after our financial gift the other day, I figure I'll bite the bullet and buy my favorite beer after 2 years of waiting. I can spend money on much better things than beer. But what the hell.

So yesterday I'm out with The Bossman discussing the ways of the CEO over Nat Shermans and cheap cigars and I tell him of my plan to buy beer.

"Well hey", he says, "I was going to buy you some at the base commissary"

So...I was given a 6 pack of my all time fave. Woo-hoo!


miller said...


the good stuff.


Deana said...

do you know they are based about 30 minutes from us? you can take tours of the brewery and try all of them. i'm no fan of beer, so it's lost on me. but we had some friends drive from OK to stock up on it.

enjoy your good stuff!

Agent B said...

Jack - come over soon. Maybe I'll have one left for you.

Deana - Yes. The wife & I drove the CO route to TX from Saskatchewan in '04. I had planned to stop in Ft. Collins to take the tour, but our timing was real bad. Maybe next time.

Deana said...

yes if you ever make your way through here again you have a place to stay!

Mike Exum said...

What? Fancy perfume? scratch that, I mean, Beer? This could have been sold and the money used for the poor!!! :)

Hope it was good.

Many blessings...

Mike said...

the lord is truly good. his blessings are new everyday.

praise god almighty for his bountiful blessing!

Agent B said...

X - great scripture reference. Thanks.

Fletch - I knew I'd get a comment out of you on this one. fat Tire is actually a close 2nd to "1554". Hope you've tried it.

Mike Exum said...

Yeah, I had a couple in me at the moment I thought of it. Mine was good.