Thursday, May 25, 2006

Testimony #012

Received a huge financial gift tonight from an unexpected source. Just in the nick of time (as always) since the mortgage is due on the 1st.

I don't know how to write these testimonies. I mean, I don't want to exaggerate anything. So I don't. And I don't want to write about them in a hyper/giddy fashion like a kid on Christmas. Because it's NOT Christmas.
This is just life. Faith. Something. I think I'm getting use to it (finally). If I act all freak-a-zoid every time a prayer gets answered that would be the same as if I wasn't expecting it to be answered at all, like I was surprised it was answered. I guess.

The CEO told me he'd provide and so far he always has. Just when I need it. Always in an unexpected way (to keep me from getting fat, lazy, and wuss-i-fied, I guess).


...and in the what the hell department...

Yesterday I get a package from an Uncle of mine I have little contact with. I mean, I've talked to him about 3 times in the last 12 years. I've always liked him. He's the most down-to-earth member of my family. He's a very generous, no nonsense kind of guy who drives a tour bus in So Cal for a living. I'm told he's dying of cancer.

Anyway, I open this totally unexpected package. It was not one, but two brand new Swiss Army wrist watches (mens & womens). I mean, the things are worth like $250 a piece.

A simple note attached: "B - Thought you guys would like these. Love you. Uncle"

I called him to thank him. He had bought these with some kind of Marlboro catalog points.

Funny thing is that I needed a watch real bad about 2 months ago. But I broke down and bought some cheap-o wal-mart watch for $6.

In some ways I can't see wearing a $250 watch. I'd never have bought that for myself in a million years. But these look great. Very simple and functional (not all gaudy and frilly, etc).

Maybe I'm supposed to wear it. Maybe I'm supposed to pass them along. Maybe I'm supposed to wear it for a while then pass them along...

Thank you CEO.


agent wife said...

I was humbled by something the day before we got these. I've been praying for finances so that we can pay bills and so that I can get xyz, not a really REALLY necessary thing, but something I felt the CEO was wanting for me, or was He? 'cause then I read the Man say to sell our possessions (which we've thought of, so that we can pay bills and get xyz) and (get this) GIVE TO THE POOR! Now these watches are gifts and they're from B's uncle, so I can't say what we are to do with them, but CEO, show us and if there is something we are to sell, show us and if there are material things or moneys to give, show us who, what, where and when. To Him be the glory. And thanks that I can now get xyz too!!

Mike said...

your stories are at times to me, as cowper wrote in his hymn, "sometimes a light surprises the christian."

God doesn't really talk to me much, and so it is encouraging to hear that he is still up and kicking.