Sunday, May 28, 2006

the other side of the fence

This evening we went next door to the Sanford's and Manuel's backyard for a Memorial Day BBQ.

Basically, a few pieces of rotted wood can separate vast
cultural differences. And that separation is not an isolation. The Sanford's and Manuel have their way and my family has ours. But somehow we join together for BBQ and cheap beer.

Manuel's nephew Valentine was in from Austin where he drives a cement truck for a living. Plus a few of the guys that work with Manuel were there with their women.

The men sit on one side of the food table, women on the other. All the men speak Spanish except for me. The Tiger and The Bulldog can fake Spanish pretty good. But I'm screwed.

A new observation: Tejano music has got to be the most positive music on the planet. I've studied music theory in college, so I swear: there's not a single minor chord in Tejano music. Everything's happy & peppy. Spanish people have some of the lowest paying jobs and cruddiest living arrangements, but you'd never know it in their music.

I love the other side of the fence. Thank you CEO for the celebration tonight.

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