Friday, May 05, 2006

Garden files #006: first crop

The radishes have joined us. Half of them.

As mentioned in #003, they are the quickest crop. Which is funny since no one seriously eats radishes. Maybe a few pieces of one in a salad. But since I've learned to grow 'em, I've learned to love 'em.

I always liken the radish crop to the CEO bringing in something real quick, like a prayer being answered. You know, like when something arrives and you forgot that you had asked for that and you take it for granted. Or chalk it up to coincidence.

I mean, I'm excited that I can eat something I planted 23 days ago. But it's a radish...

PS - I know these garden reports are boring. I'm going somewhere with these. Eventually. I think.

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Will Spina said...

By the way, I happen to like your garden updates. There's a wealth of spiritual knowledge in gardening. Whether it's your vegetables or my flowers. It's what are ancestors should have been doing instead of touching and eating stuff they weren't supposed to.