Thursday, May 11, 2006

Body life (or community 101)

My last several years within the Sunday church club, "Body Life" was a hot topic. You know, what's your gift, how do you fit in the body of christ or the body of the church, etc. It can come across as naval gazing. It probably is.

My mower gives me trouble every year. It's old. So it goes. My middle class instincts say "get a new one". My bank account says "like hell".

Other than basic routine maintenance, I know very little about engines and their up keep. Obi-Wan, on the other hand, knows quite bit about them from years as a service station attendant.

Obi-Wan is 89 and has crippled hands. I'm 35 and my hands are fine.

Like that old story about the deaf guy and the blind guy helping each other, we somehow got my mower working fine. Which saves my butt because I know that repair shop would have charged me big bucks to do the same thing.

Somehow, the locals and I create a functional body.


Dustin said...

thanks for your note tonight B. I appreciate your prayers. Even though we haven't met face to face and maybe never will I consider you a true friend. Thanks a lot!


Mike Exum said...

Great Post, B. This is a different community song from the often unimaginitive usual. Good harmonizing. Hits a chord not played in many performances.

Many blessings...