Sunday, May 14, 2006

(loss of) Mother's Day

Frieda Sanford came over this morning to tell us that her mother, Gramma, died in her sleep early this morning around 4am at a nursing home. Of course, she's pretty tore up about it.

We've known Gramma as long as we've known the entire Sanford family, which is at least 6 or 7 years dating back to the old izzy food pantry days. We even got our dog from Gramma 3 years ago when her dog had puppies.

Gramma always had ill health. But she hadn't been feeling bad or anything. Frieda talked to her on the phone yesterday.

The difficult part is that Jessie, Frieda's 19 year old daughter, moved in with her boyfriend last week about 50 miles out of town. Frieda didn't know how to get hold of her but thankfully, Jessie had called Agent Wife yesterday, and the number was still in our caller ID. I still don't know if Jessie has learned the news as of this report posting. Jessie had lived with her Gramma several times throughout childhood and was very close to her.

It looks as though The Bossman, Agent Wife, and I will conduct the funeral later this week.

Following this post are a few photos in a small attempt to honor Gramma and the Sanford family.

Gramma (in middle) with Jessie at some big izzy ministry feed bag in October 2000.

American Gothic: The Sanfords on their porch with Gramma at Jessie's high school graduation day May 2005.

Gramma at the Sanford's christmas party December 2005.


Mike said...

in light of your comment on my blog...

nice composition on the american gothic pic.

miller said...

i'm sorry agent...

you and the sanfords have my prayers.