Friday, May 12, 2006


The local agent network met in real time over lunch today.

And overall, we were discussing the direction of this supposed network.

I was fine with simply gathering with like minds for encouragement, etc. It's a lonely life being a field agent. And seeing other agents is a necessary breath of air. But my imagination is limited sometimes. Thus, a gathering for such discussions is reasonable.

Somehow the four of us decided that a good starting place was to pray for people that we knew personally who had no relations with the CEO. So we did. All four of us at the same time.

I think that's a good direction.

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miller said...

i can already see a difference in the guys i raised.

today they were telling about how they were praying for their father and seeing those prayers answered.

one of the other guys i raised for our prayer experienced a transition that is one of those life changing transitions yesterday.

God is faithful and true...

as we share our hearts with him he acts on our behalf!