Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Stone messages and answering machines

Obi-Wan wanted me to take him to a doctor appointment in the morning. Then later that evening, he realized that the appointment time was earlier than he originally told me.

So he tried to call me. I wasn't home. My answering machine recorded his call which consisted of Obi-Wan mumbling "hello, hello" over and over, then finally giving up with a "guess he don't wanna talk" or something like that.

Not giving up just yet and fearful that we'd arrive late to his appointment the following morning, Obi-Wan grabbed his walker and trucked across the street to my house.

My car was in the driveway. But we still weren't home. We were out on a walk.

But as we came back home from the walk, we were greeted with the shocking sight of Obi-Wan sitting on my front porch steps. Just getting out of his house is a big ordeal, much less walking across the street to my place all by himself. And sitting on our steps...? There's no way in the world he could have got back up by himself. Good thing we found him.

He was fumbling around with some rocks from my flower bed and had arranged them on the steps.

He said, "I was trying to leave you a message. I called but you wouldn't talk to me. Then I learned you weren't home. So I'm writing a message with these rocks"

"What were you trying to write?"

"I was making an arrow that pointed towards my house. I was hoping you'd come over so I could tell you something."



miller said...

i'm not sure whether thats funny...

i guess i'd have to have your permission to laugh...


Agent B said...

Oh, it's funny allright.

miller said...

good, cause i was laughing on the inside!

really hard...

Pastor Phil said...

Man, that's a great story. You certainly live in the uncharted wild old west out there don't you. The native mystics are leaving signifying stone altars on your doorstep.

That's so cool.