Sunday, May 21, 2006

The System (or Jesus vs. the church)

Do we worship Jesus? or do we worship the system (ie: church) in which we worship Jesus?

Feathers always get ruffled after one's religious system is questioned. Like maybe that system is more important than Jesus himself. I don't know. I do know that exposing the ills of one's religious system will make you highly unpopular. Or like Jesus, get you killed.

There's not much else I can say about the system here without pointing towards a respectful and well written report by The Home Depot Guy. Read it if you're interested.

My favorite quote of his: "I am learning however, that the system is merely a cup. The system is not truth. The system is not life. The fiber of the system is not the logos. The system is simply a vessel, and if it leaks, it is then that we all get a good look at the truth as it spills out onto the floor."


Anonymous said...

People get so trapped in church tradition that the message gets lost.

miller said...

you said, "Do we worship Jesus? or do we worship the system (ie: church) in which we worship Jesus?"

i want more choices, i think there are some who worship Jesus, but have bought a lie concerning what the way thats supposed to look.

they sincerely believe that worship is what the institution has brainwashed them to believe.

they need reprogramming, but only they can do that... they need to see what is real, to have their imaginations stimulated with the electric shock of true lives observed... in the same way that Jesus stimulated the imaginations of thousands and his followers inspired the imagination of the world.

we need to do that for the people. nothing else will work.