Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tiger den

The Tiger (who turns 17 next month) got himself a new pad.

He traded four cords of wood (about $200) for a little camper trailer that's parked in the Sanford's backyard.

It looks like a total junker, but he loves it. After spending 16 years sleeping on the living room couch he's now got his own space. He's got a mini fridge, stereo, fan, and now a window AC. Hopefully he'll blow a circuit before he blows himself up.

Plus, there's something about The Tiger that makes him really identify with the Mexican immigrants he works with. They all live in trailers like these out in the mesquite fields they live and work in. The Tiger was born and bred in Texas, but he connects with the illegals he works with. He's even picked up some Spanish over the years.


Dustin said...

that's nicer than my old apartment in nyc! I envy the Tiger! Good for him.

Mike said...

i have never been shy about my great desire to own my own trailer. i am 32 and this kid has already achieved what i can only dream about.

"Hopefully he'll blow a circuit before he blows himself up."

i am still laughing.