Monday, May 15, 2006

I think something's happening...

As The Bossman & I were hanging out on the Sanford's front porch tonight with Frieda, her sister Susie, and a few other friends and relatives, we noticed something is happening.

The experience of death and funerals always brings all of us into the vicinity of the CEO and thus, eternity. People who are lost and never give a thought of the afterlife are sobered up to eternity for a brief period.

I am not an opportunist nor do I ever like to "make things happen". But in situations like this, lost people are searching. And lost people are asking questions. Deep questions.

Frieda's friend, Doris The Drunk Driver, was present with Natural Light and camels. After we gathered some technical data on Gramma and the funeral this Wednesday, Doris pipes up with a bold statement: "I'm tired of my life. I want a change." She avoided any kind of action being done now, but indicated that she wanted to visit us.

Later on I had a brief chance to talk to Doris. She's tired of her life. Her 2 sons are both incarcerated again after being released for a former conviction. And her daughter has a life threatening health problem connected to a pregnancy. She confessed that she can't handle the stress and the pain so she drinks.

Doris repeated to me that she didn't want to take action at this moment, but that she'll come next door to my place and we'll talk soon. "Maybe tomorrow"...

And in related news, The Bossman noticed how in the 10 years he's known Frieda, he's never seen her eyes look as hollow as they did tonight. Sure, she's dealing with a triple whammy: death of her mom, daughter moving out in an ill fashion, and stomach illness. But she's searching for something.

Last Friday the agent network and I specifically prayed for Frieda's salvation. We didn't ask for doom and gloom to fall on her, but low and behold it has. And she's now searching. Hard.

These are momentous yet fragile times for Doris, Frieda, and many others.

For all agents of faith out there, I send the "request assistance" distress call for your prayers over these two friends of mine.

Thank you.

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Trying to lead thru example said...

Indeed, done. And for you and the local crew as well, may the Spirit place you exactly where He needs you and when He needs you.