Monday, March 06, 2006

Minor changes in life

The Sable sold today. It was actually easier getting money for it than it was to decide to sell it in the first place. I had told the CEO that if selling this car was the best decision, then let it sell fast with an easy transaction. And that I got. Some guy was buying it for his daughter who recently graduated from something and was now working and needed a car. They didn't even test drive it. Just asked a few questions, traded me the cash for the title and keys, and off they were.

Truthfully, I haven't been able to afford owning 2 cars for the last 6 months or so. We usually just kept one parked in the driveway at all times.


Uncle Kurt decided to move back to his camp for the time being. He's cleaning up the camp site in preparation for his future move into a residence of his own.

I haven't been very clear and direct about my dealings with Kurt on this blog for fear of breaking the Matthew 6:1-4 mandate of the agent b files. But I don't know how else to share my emotions that happened this morning...

Basically, he's been living with us for over 2 weeks. It started as a weekend getaway from a recent cold spell that turned into a genuine family member we didn't want to get rid of. It's no big deal, really. Kurt cleans up the house, loves to take care of our animals, and plays with Agent Offspring. He was the best house guest ever. And he provided for us on his own freewill. Everyday he brought home something he thought we needed (bread, coffee, batteries, etc). But Kurt's easy to love. And the more sacrificial part of the Jesus following life is loving those who are difficult. And there's nothing difficult about Kurt so we're not superheroes or anything. He's really been a joy to have around. I got kind of emotional when I dropped him off at the railroad tracks by a path to his camp. Just seeing him walk down that path through the mesquite brush with his backpack kind of hurt. It's been a tough day, but a good one too.

There was no incident that made him decide to leave or anything. It was mutual. He enjoyed his time here. I could literally write a book on the discoveries I observed while living with a guy like Kurt. Many of these observations were hinted at in posts from the past 2 weeks or so.

I look forward to Kurt not living in a tent by the tracks anymore. He deserves better in life.


miller said...

oh, i don't know...

there were a few folks in the bible who liked tents OK. Seems like God even lived in one for a while...

i think it might be good for me and mine to do some tent living for a while.

hopefully we will soon.


Agent B said...

Yeah...but Kurt's like...68. Camp living gets old quick when you're old.