Saturday, January 30, 2010

one by one

After my record speed immigration status, I'm not going to act surprised as the pieces of our uprooting and overall assignment change falls into place one by one.

First, some dear friends of our the Carrs volunteered to travel with us to help move, watch kids & pets, drive, etc. That is a huge blessing.

Second, my current house flip project is under contract as of last week. That is a major factor in our move as the sale of that property will finance the logistics of road travel and etc. We are penciling in a date in mid to late May 2010 for the move.

Then recently, we heard from one of Agent Wife's cousins in the town we're moving to that their rental house might be available to us by the time we arrive there. Nice.

Our final root to pull is selling our residence. I have planned to fix & pretty up the exterior with proceeds from the flip project. Then, hire The Jedi Master and crew to fix/pretty up the interior after we are gone. But a coworker of mine and his wife (long time friend of the agent b files) have a vague interest in buying our house as is for a reduced rate.

I could make a few more bucks by prettying up the house and selling it when it's vacant. But it would be sweet to sell it as is and thus walk away from it late May. Either way is win/win.

Things are coming together nicely - further proof to me that the CEO of the universe has ordained this assignment transfer all along.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

one slip

Had a rare call to duty today during my work hours. Obi-Wan slipped into some diabetic trance due to lack of eating breakfast.

Agent Wife called me this afternoon after Obi-Wan's housekeeper called her from the hospital. An ambulance picked him up around 1:30.

I was working nearby the hospital and ran over on my break. He's was already back to normal and preparing to leave in the next hour.

Turning 93 this spring, Obi-Wan is legless, wheelchair bound and won't go down without a fight.