Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mission: garden weasel

Today Agent offspring and I went on an outing with Obi-Wan. We had a mission to find him one of those garden tools that's a pole with some sort of spiked wheel on the end. As best as I know, it's called a garden weasel. Or maybe there's a generic name for it. He wants to be able to sit in a chair next to his garden and hoe up weeds without using an actual hoe because hoeing take a lot of energy.

I offered to go out and find one by myself but he actually felt like getting out today. So the 3 of us went to the high class "south side" of the fair mother city. Or Little Dallas as I call that region. This was such a surealistic event...Obi-Wan, AO#1, and I on a consumeristic mission in Little Dallas. I felt like I was back home in Houston growing up, but with an old man and a toddler.

First we went to Garden World, a mom-n-pop garden shop. I love that place. If I had actual money to spend on myself I might visit there once a month. But they didn't have the tool we were looking for.

Then we hit Home Depot. Obi-Wan had never been there. He's only seen it on TV. Again, no dice.

Next, the Tractor Supply store. Again, nada.

By now I'm just running in by myself and leaving the car & AC running with Obi-Wan and AO#1. You have no idea how long it takes to get the 2 of them in and out of the car.

Last we hit Lowes. No luck. I was willing to wade through Super Wal-Mart traffic but Obi-Wan was getting tired and wanted something from the grocery store on the way back.

So basically, that's it. No moral to this report. Just looking for a garden weasel and come home an hour later with a box of corn flakes.


miller said...

ya probably coulda picked one up at bible hardware.


Agent B said...

That was my original plan. It was the closest place too.

But I didn't think BH had much in garden tools...

Deana said...

are those the things sold on tv? Because drug stores usually are the ones who sell all things seen on tv.

Deana said...

Garden Weasel

If nothing else there it is on Amazon for $23.00.

Agent B said...

Maybe we have to mail order. I just thought there was some generic version that everyone carried.

Anonymous said...


Garden Weasel at Sears for $19.99.
Message from you know who!!

Landis said...

I think that I have used a motorized version of the Garden Weasel--the Mantis. Great power tool...