Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sign-off notes

Solo gig at the Jedi Counsel Room last night went OK. Jack from the local agent network was there. It's a rough start back in these waters for me, but I'll get over it. I'm still not overly excited about making music much anymore. But I'm forcing myself out of hiding in attempts to heal some wounds that I didn't know I had (plus make a few bucks). I was text chatting with the construction worker (another network agent) the other night and this subject of my music absence came about. He said something about the whole body/soul thing in can't mess with one aspect of our humanity without jacking with the other. I never had thought of that. Yes, like when someone close to you probably don't feel like eating for a few days. Except this isn't about eating. It's about not playing music. For over 3 years. Go figure...


I'm getting pretty's gardening time. Woo-hoo. Who would have ever thought that this kid from the boring-ass big city suburbs would get excited about plants in the dirt. This will be Agent Wife's and my 4th year to grow produce. And man...let me tell cliche as this sounds, there are SO many clear communications from the CEO and his ways as told through gardening. I hope to keep a running report of them here on the agent b files after we plant in the next week or so.


Attempted re-contact with the woman who owns the facility I'm interested in for The Table will take place early this week. She should be back from Mexico by now...


I'm going to attempt to climb that mountain where the CEO is rumored to be, so I'll be offline for a few days.


miller said...

remember to pay attention to that "still, small, voice."

i'll be prayin' for you.


the construction worker said...

remember me up on that mountain..

the construction worker

Agent B said...

Me: thanks

Mike: I did