Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Mole hill

Well, the mountain top journey was more like a 15 minute visit to a mole hill. And that's not a bad thing, I'm convinced. Once I arrived on the hill it just didn't seem like I was meant to be there for long a time. Thus...not pull out from all things around me for long.

Although someday I look forward to someone lending me a set of keys to some isolated mountain-side cabin next to a pond...and having at least a weekend to myself...with a couple of books...10 caliber...voice of the CEO...and a case of Fat Tire. Someday. Get away from it all.

Otherwise...I have a few reports to file here in the next few days regarding things I was shown or observed on the mole hill.


After being best friends with Obi-Wan for almost 3 years, I still learn of new cultural barriers occasionally. Like this one:

The Librarian (aka Agent S) had a school paper to write based on an interview he makes with a person over 65. He asked if Obi-Wan would assist in such an endeavor. Obi-Wan accepted, but with a mild reluctance. So a week later on the night before the scheduled interview, I remind him about it and prep him with the questions emailed by Agent S. I began to witness a side of Obi-Wan
I didn't know existed. He acted offended at the questions, calling them "stupid", etc. So I say, "How is 'What event from your youth influenced you to what you are today?' a stupid question?" He said something like, "How am I supposed to know what I was thinkin' about when I was a kid? Stupid!"

I think deep down his brief offense had something to do with feeling ashamed for being undereducated, and thus, not knowing why anyone would ask the question in the first place, or not knowing why its answer would be important to anyone.

In the end, all went extremely well. Obi-Wan saw the greater need to help out Agent S and give his interview rather than getting upset about something beyond his understanding. It was cool.


After tracking him down, I spent some quality time with Uncle Kurt today. We ate at the best mom-n-pop burger joint located within the boundaries of the fair mother city.

Kurt is at a new crossroads: he's either about to rent an apartment or possibly move to Colorado temporarily. Kurt has bad cataracts and has been trying to find ways (ie: the government) to pay for doctor visits to improve his vision. He finally received some kind of medicaid benefits, but after a visit to an eye doctor found out that this medicaid won't go into effect until July. I don't understand because he's already paying about $200 a month out of his $600 a month SS benefit for some kind of health insurance (don't get me started). He says that he can get health benefits easy in Colorado. So basically...if he doesn't get this certain apartment real soon Kurt's headed for the Rockies real soon. But he plans to return. I hope he doesn't have to go.


Did I mention I'm excited about the upcoming gardening season? Historically, our garden has gotten better each year. Today we bought the '10 packs for a buck' seeds from the Dollar Store down the street.

And somehow like the gardening thing, my life is experiencing a stage of great anticipation. I don't know what's up. Financially, we're still living real low. But we seem to be gaining momentum as compared to recent months. And I have no proof, but I just trust something's about to happen...

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Deana said...

My sister is getting her masters of social work here in Denver and has lots and lots of contacts if he decides to come out here.

Hey you'll have a place to stay if you ever want to come out to see Uncle Kurt.