Thursday, April 27, 2006

Happy birthday Obi-Wan

He turned 89 today.

I'd post some photos from our outing at "Furr's Fine Dining", but I can't figure how to edit me out of them. Maybe I'll post one later. So here's a couple that Agent Wife managed to remake into a birthday card.

This one is on our fridge. He's holding Agent Offspring and making faces.

This is one from basic training in Cheyenne, WY in 1942. I found it for the first time last night. Just when I thought I've seen all his photos, here's this excellent gem. I stare at it and all the emotions of a young farm boy headed off to war in a foreign land jump at me: fear, innocence, confusion, youthfulness...There's a whole world ahead of him.

We had a good time tonight. His 2 nurses and one of their husbands joined us. He's known them for years.

Happy birthday Obi-Wan. We love you.

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Verbny said...

Add best wishes from me. My life is richer for having known him.