Sunday, April 30, 2006

Quick answer to prayer

Seemed like something was burdening Obi-Wan tonight. So I ask what's up. He got a medical bill in that he opened today from his hospital stay a few weeks ago. He said he owed $9000.

He doesn't have that kind of money. So we prayed. The CEO always covers my financial wackiness one way or another. Why not Obi-Wan's $9000 bill.

After we prayed I asked if I could see the bill. I thought maybe there was something on there indicating that medicaid would help pay or something else I could interpret.

I read his bill. It was for nine-hundred, not nine-thousand. He had misread it.

I thought it was funny. An answer to our prayer, no less. But funny.

CEO - please bring my financial needs in a quick way as well. Thank you.

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