Saturday, April 08, 2006

Gather 'round

We had our first extended agent network gathering featuring all of those listed in the side bar from the fair mother city (with the exception of the organic wife...sorry, this meeting somehow evolved into a guy thing).

Agent S (The Librarian), Agent Jr. (the Boston bound student/intern), Jack of the all-trades, and my first time meeting with the organic guy live and in the flesh, went rather well.

There was really no agenda other than eating my special made onion burgers and sitting around pretending to know each other. However, above excellent discussion about the inner workings of subversive ministry in and beyond the fair mother city had evolved.

It was a great 2 hours or so for guys to get together in real life outside of the blogosuniverse. I had a good time and somehow or another friendships are starting to be formed.


Mike Exum said...


God bless you guys and your ministries.

Mark said...

glad to be there today - I still got a kiss from organic wife; even after your onion burgers! *thumbs up*

Looking forward to meeting Agent Wife and Agent Offspring. The real question is - what will the newest addition be called?

Agent B said...

AO #2