Saturday, April 08, 2006

Healing (timing)

Tonight the izzy group met at our house for study of The Book. After some brief recap of the preceding weeks lessons, the Concrete Man (one of izzy's board advisors and founders) asked Agent Wife and I if we knew an African refugee named Victor Franco. Do we ever. Agent Wife interprets for him and his family often.

Turns out, Victor is one of the employees on a construction job under the Concrete Man's supervision. Victor has had problems with his knees and recently received a doctors written orders to avoid heavy lifting and bending over, etc...all things that a worker must do on a construction site.

There is currently no light duties available from the company. Plus the company has to have Victor sit out as they could become liable for any injuries he has with a doctor's notice. And Victor desperately needs to work for income. The Concrete man felt as though he should pray for Victor's healing but had no time or place on the job.

So as he's telling this story to us, we call Victor and have him come over to be healed. We pray and watch a miracle healing in his knees right in our house. Then both Victor and the Concrete Man explain how this is all the CEO's timing as they were originally supposed to be at other places this evening. Victor (who was a pastor back home in Africa) was suppose to preach for a group of French speaking Africans in Dallas tonight.

Instead, after his miracle healing Victor, through Agent Wife's interpretation, spoke his prepared message to us impromptu. The message was on timing. There could not have been a better subject for us (the izzy group and my family individually) who has waited over 3 years for the CEO to use us in some sort of capacity again.

The text, taken from Jeremiah 15:18-19, is basically about people (like me & izzy) who whine when things aren't happening the way we think it should. And yet the CEO has not abandoned us, but things will happen in the perfect timing.

Like Victor's healing. Like receiving this message. Thank you CEO.


Mike Exum said...

Praise the Lord!

That is wonderful.

May your ministry continue in rich blessing.

miller said...

you aren't the only one who needs lessons on timing and the Lord's faithfulness!

if anything, i need it worse.

i am shamed by this story... mainly because we have some who need healing in our midst. i always pray with one foot out the door if you know what i mean... what if God doesn't heal this time?

i wish i understood what God is up to with healing.

Agent B said...

In some ways, healing seems like the most complicated subject in faith. But I think that's because man (and thus academia) have made it that way.

I think healing is really the easiest thing in the world. Not that I'm a pro at it or anything...

All I know is...The Book is true. Everything about it. All of the CEO's words and promises to us are true if we believe them and speak them into existence.

Elaine said...

I was there. I saw it unfold as agent b reported. Amazing how the CEO brought all of us together at that point in time. It was interesting too that even though Victor's words were being translated through another person, the power was very much real in the message itself. My mind is still whirling as I think about last night. Thank you CEO!!!!

BrainWater said...

Please be honest when this "healing" turns out to be an emotional one night stand.
Sorry if that sounds antagonistic...just not quite able to believe the hype.

Agent B said...

BW - understood.

Not to sound defensive, but rest assured there were no emotions involved at all. 8 mature adults, few words, just the facts ma'am, etc.

And believe me...after my charismatic club days, the family and I are about as anti-emotional, non-charismania, anti-hyper-pep-rally as you can get.

...and I'll try to leave it at that as I strive to bite my tongue on that subject...I can easily be persuaded to be more cynical about it. But...last I checked, cynicism ain't a godly trait (but it's so damned fun!).

OK, enough. Agent B signing off.

agent Wife said...

BW- I hear you too. The first thing the concrete man said was for Victor to go back to the doctor to confirm his healing and thus get a release to go back to work. I know and understand many people have been disappointed through emotional hype and non-fruitful experiences, but how are we to understand all that is going on, to right it off as nothing? I have seen enough that indeed the CEO does work in mysterious ways- not always how I want, not always at the time I wanted, but in ways we can't comprehend, in miraculous, life-changing, real ways and even in waiting time ways. Does that make sense? We live miraculously month by month to pay the bills, sometimes the CEO says to sacrifice something and other times He sends manna. But anytime the Spirit is there, it is supernatural, that we heard what to sacrifice or that a source of supply came just on time- both ways reek deliciously of the Divine.