Sunday, April 16, 2006

Garden files #002: the waiting game

I know it's only been a few days since the garden was planted. But this is the worst time of the gardening year. It's The Waiting Game.

Every year during The Waiting Game I water and maintain as normal. Which is pure faith because there's nothing to see yet. No seeds have budded out. For all I know, I'm wasting my time watering dirt. Paranoid thoughts slip in: what if instead of planting those okra seeds 1/2" down I accidentally pushed them a whole inch down? Is it doomed forever?!? Will they not grow now?

This feels like the current period of my life, which has been defined in one word: wait. I am confident that the izzy group, Agent Wife, and I have planted, watered and nurtured seeds in the fair mother city for 7 years (even longer for the izzy group as a whole). When do we get to see the fruit and work the harvest?

...and PS: here's what's been planted this year:

[Store-bought plants] - we never got good results from these as seeds:
-6 Tomatoes (Big Boy)
-6 Bell pepper (green)

-Sunflowers (for shade and decoration)
-Okra (compliments of Obi-Wan)
-Yellow squash
-Butternut squash*

* denotes new for us. Our first year to try these crops.

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