Sunday, April 16, 2006

A world of worth

Several times throughout the past year Obi-Wan thinks he is hearing voices coming from his TV. But his TV is off. So when I visit, he asks if I can hear those voices coming from the TV, thinking that maybe it's volume is on but the picture is off and perhaps I could fix it. But there's nothing to fix. The TV is off and I hear no voices.

Today he asked me if I could hear that voice coming from the TV. "No", I said. But this time I asked him what was it saying.

"'s a woman singing"

"What's she singing?"

"She's singing 'A world of worth to be alive'"

"I've never heard of that song, Obi-Wan. Is that an old song you know?"

"No. It's just what she's singing"

I know this sounds stupid and perhaps "touched by an angel" -ish, but every time he hears these voices and singing I've wondered if his time to pass is near. Like maybe something heavenly is singing him home.

I can't stand the thought, but it's kind of comforting as well.

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