Saturday, April 29, 2006

spot light

Just added a couple of link to the agent network. Stop by if you get a chance.

In the fair mother city: the anti-goats are planning to do agent work in Tanzania one day.

In the ever growing agent network from the greater Boston area: the why man is a former Four Square pastor and...oh, just read. It's funny and well written.


Pastor Phil said...

I am deeply honored to be duly commissioned, and added to the illustrious list of secret operatives of the network. I can only hope that the CEO will give me a new name someday, because only then can I say I've been working undercover.

I am perfectly traceable by my name on my blog as it is right now.

Will this get me decommissioned if I receive a knock on the door some morning?

Trying to lead thru example said...

Agent B, your blog just tripped the breaker on my old life. I have been pulling a Jonah since hearing from the CEO in 2001 that the way of true christianity is the guerilla warfare means of relationship with those who we are called to love...outside the walls and in real life. more running, time to get out of the fish, and jump into the water (I fear that it will be cold and tumultuous, but, HIS will be done).

Thanks for the reality! The CEO uses you to reach beyond your immediate assignment and into my life.

We are all on a path with the CEO, sometimes the paths run parallel for a time and then diverge, but the real joy is in the people along the path!

Scared as hell, and excited as well!

Trying to lead thru example.

agent Wife said...

trying to lead- awesome! Thanks for sharing, the agent family will talk to the CEO about your recent assignment that it may all go according to the master plan.

Agent B said...

Dr. Phil: decommissioned? No. But making yourself easy to track down may result in giggling 14 year olds calling you one night asking for a Heywood Jablomee.

And besides...some agent's callings are more visable than others. Like a pastor...

Trying: You have honored me greatly. Thanks forthe kind words. My only hope isthat you don't find out what a true fraud I really am.

All the best to you and your assignment. Do keep in touch.

miller said...

Trying: You have honored me greatly. Thanks forthe kind words. My only hope isthat you don't find out what a true fraud I really am.

he's no fraud... agent fam's really living it out.

they're a part of my "cloud of witnesses".


Pastor Phil said...

Agent B,

Perhaps we should a Frauds for God support group. I bet it would be a pretty darn big group. But then again those who need it most would be picketing.

By the way, I'm not a Dr., and I don't have a daytime TV show. And I have a full head of hair.