Friday, March 31, 2006

Unresolved issues

Today the stealth field agent duo of Agent Wife & Grandma Nelly went out to visit a few of our friends from the old izzy group days. One of which is Missy Clampett (mentioned at the end of THIS POST).

She is the one who's husband of 2 and a half years died recently and I ran into her a few weeks back, thus, the instigation for going to see her. She has a sister, Sissy Clampett (their story is found HERE), who has acted very cold and distant to anyone involved from the izzy group ever since she and her brother and mama moved from living in a car parked at our church building's parking lot, to the apartment they're in now.

Background info: After the izzy group was secretly kicked out of its host church over 3 years ago, we temporarily set up shop in a small apartment community in the far north side of the fair mother city. The Clampetts became neighbors to the apartment we rented as the church not only removed the izzy ministry, but also this family who lived in their parking lot. Things went well at first. The small community, meals, and gatherings that developed only lasted about 5 months. I understand that the "organic church" guys say there's a limited life with home church communities. Well...our's didn't just die. It flippin blew up in an explosion and erased all memory of it from existence. A few people ran off mad with no explanation. One of those people appears to be Sissy Clampett.

Well, Sissy was seen outside of Missy's place when the stealth duo arrived. Sissy must have spotted them since she disappeared and hid in Missy's apartment and pretended to not be there when the stealth duo came in to say hi.

In reality...who cares. I mean, someone wants to be angry at another and give no explanation or attempt to resolve things then that's between the angry one and the CEO. And Agent Wife...she's amazing when it comes to things like this. She never carries any kind of offense, like water on a ducks back. So she's not bothered

But me...I want answers! I despise unresolved issues. If something needs to be made right, let's go for it, even if it involves something I need to repent of and be forgiven for.

I don't know if it would be right for me to investigate this 3 year old event just so some woman won't scowl when we come into her presence. I mean hey...I ain't losing any sleep over it. And I'm convinced izzy is mostly innocent of any wrong doing, thus, she's probably upset over something exaggerated in her head. But the key here is "mostly innocent". That means, I think izzy should repent for something. I just don't now exactly what.

I guess part of the reason I'm slightly anxious over this is...we poured our lives into the Clampetts. We walked though their wacky struggles daily for over a year. And then this...with no explanation.

This may sound cold hearted and ungodly, but it's the truth: often times, the people you serve the most are the ones who bite back the hardest. Sometimes it's a "what have you done for me lately?" schtick. Other times it's the result of unrealistic expectations.

CEO - please bring me answers to this. Am I not to waste my time on the Clampetts ever again, or should I go find out the issues in attempts to restore relations?


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the game I play w/ the CEO.

BILLY said...

BrainWater step inside my office please...


jason said...

What have you done for the Clampetts that God could do for them instead? Suddenly, it becomes too painful for them to see you. I don't know your situation so this might be way off, but I have a friend who gets especially irritated if I don't let him serve me at least as much as I serve him. Admittedly, I think I have more gifts to use in service (more money, education, friends, family), but it doesn't matter. There's only one source of gifts and sometimes my friend who gets to hating me does so because I act like he has nothing to give me. But sometimes he forgives me even when I don't repent or realize I've been a supersaint. You may not have that luxury with these folks. Just stay faithful to the CEO. At least in the End there will be peace.

Anonymous said...

-- A little water off the brain with no one to judge based on identity.
I am completely interested in the struggle at hand. Your fight illuminates judgements, misperceptions and malaise in my heart.

Agent B said...

jason - my (long ago) ordeal with the Clampetts is not like your ordeal that you describe.

Actually, your comment has reminded me that I "kicked the dust" off with them, so to speak. Or left them to their own devices.

They claim to have a faith in the CEO. Or the 3 women do at least. But I have NEVER seen anyone live in such utter defeat as the Clampetts. And I've seen a lot. They literally sit around and do nothing but wait for something to fall out of the sky into their lap. And unlike many por people I'm friends with, the Clampetts always take and rarely give. I think that's the nucleous...reap what you sow...