Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Garden files #001

It's official. As of 8:20pm CST my garden is planted. May the spiritual parables (and the garden wars with The Tiger) begin.

I've been at it since 9am. Of course, since Agent Wife and I started this gardening bit, we've done it the fancy white guy/internet info way. Meaning...lots of extra work up front that will prevent work later on.

1)We've always laid out cardboard or newspaper (collected at various recycling collections) on top of the soil.
2)Then I put wood chipped mulch (free from the city recycling plant) on top of the cardboard.
3) Using a box cutter, I cut into the cardboard to make the rows for seeds and plants.
4) Plant seeds/plants
5) *New feature as of last year* - place about 150 feet of soaker hose (given to me by The Tiger...don't know why he didn't like them) over every square inch of growing space so all I have to do is hook up the hose nightly and water for 15-30 min, depending on the heat level that day.

I'm beat. It's a lot of work. But the cardboard prevents weeding all year. The mulch a) keeps the cardboard in place, b) hold moisture-a-plenty and, c) looks pretty.

Various faith parables came to mind while I was sweating. As I planted everyone of those seeds, it was hard not to wonder if anything will ever become of them. Sometimes we pour our lives into people, like the dozens if not hundreds from the old izzy ministry days. I wonder whatever became of those folks. Some I know. Most have disappeared.

...and of course...the whole "reap a harvest" someday thoughts were obvious. Looking forward to everyday between now and the first freeze this fall.

BEFORE: a plot of dirt...carefully composted and tilled for months before the planting stage. (In background: Agent Dog on patrol for squirrels)

AFTER: ready for growing (this photo taken just before the soaker hoses were placed for the season.

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james said...

A man after my own heart. Good work B. Way to be green!