Monday, April 17, 2006

Garden files #003: radishes

Five days after planting the garden, the radishes have made contact with the real world. I expected that. We've had them every year and they are the quickest crop.

Just when you wonder if anything will become of the seeds, the radishes always pull through in the first few days. Which is funny, because who really eats radishes as a meal? I like them, but they're usually a decorative thing in salads, and rarely eaten whole. Well...I pull them out of the ground, wash them off with a hose and eat them whole right there in the garden. I like doing stuff like that.

Kind of like prayer and waiting...the CEO can pull though with something real quick during the waiting game. And when he does, sometimes we take him for granted and don't notice. Maybe because it's not the big thing we were waiting for. It was just like a radish or something.

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Anonymous said...

Whenever I think of radishes I think of Super Mario Bro.s II.