Friday, March 10, 2006

Testimony #007

(or..."Life without a paycheck - part 492")

I was really down-n-out about our financial universe this morning. Agent Wife opened up a piece of mail addressed to her this morning. It was from the TX medicaid office. They are reviewing our "case" in covering her pregnancy and wanted me to fill out various documents and forms proving that I am a "self-employed minister" and etc. And of course, they wanted signed letters from anyone and everyone who gives us anything. Yeah, good luck getting a signature from the CEO.

The first time around with Agent Offspring #1 went easy. We didn't need medicaid until like the 8th month of her pregnancy. We paid cash up until that point. And some angel of the CEO was working in the medicaid office that day who interpreted my faith babble into legalese that passed our medicaid approval.

But this time things look impossible. Good thing I work for the god of the impossible.

This afternoon we cry out to the CEO of the Universe for our needs to be met. Either bring finances to us in a big way or...drop an employment opportunity in my lap. We ask for an "encouraging sign"

Later, I open the mail. Surprise. A check from our unexpected Canadian source. And it's written to Agent Wife (not the izzy group), so we can deposit it in our Canadian bank and withdraw as needed from a local ATM (unlike the 6 week ordeal we went through last time).

We got our encouraging sign.


miller said...

i know a really great midwife. we had #2 and #3 at home and she delivered them both.

she costs considerably less and she loves Jesus.

just a thought.


Agent B said...

Hmmmmm...we originally wanted a midwife for this pregnancy...but at the start, it looked like we couldn't even afford that.

Maybe that will be an option now. We'll see. Plus her mom (Agent mother-in-law) wil be here. And she's been a midwife for some 35-40 years.

Who knows.