Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dry feet

The agent family and I spent some quality time with Obi-Wan today. He's back from a 3 week stay at the hospital. We're back from a family funeral. So's time for sacraments, bread breaking and such. We've missed each other.

On routine occasion, I ask him what has the CEO been saying to him lately. I'm a big believer in the CEO talking to us today in the "now", not just exclusively though The Book (although, I enjoy hearing him through The Book often). It's amazing what the CEO will tell you if you just ask and maybe...shut up long enough to hear him.

Obi-Wan always has great insight to the ways of the CEO. Hey...someone who's been walking with the CEO for most of his 89 years must have wisdom of some sort.

Today Obi-Wan tells us of a recurring dream he's had over the past few nights and weeks. He's walking along a beautiful field with lots of lakes or ponds (he's always enjoyed fishing and the outdoors). And in the dream he's walking with the health of his younger years (no walker or cane). And he gets up close to the water. Just to see it and stare at it. He spends the majority of the dream by the water, right at the edge of the pond.

And every morning he tries to figure out why in the dream his feet never got muddy.

That's it.

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miller said...

cool, i love dreams...

and you're right about listening to the CEO. we really have to learn to be quiet or we'll miss him.