Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday notes

Obi-Wan is STILL in the hospital. He's had various treatments for breathing and physical therapy along with his leg treatments. He's in better shape now than he's been in a long while. And although Obi-Wan's so desperate to get home, he sees how his stay has improved his overall health and he maintains a positive attitude about his extended stay (he was suppose to be released Friday. It now looks like tomorrow...maybe).

I, on the other hand, am ready to hunt down this doctor on whatever golf course he's wasting his patient's time on and hold his caddy hostage until he signs the release for Obi-Wan.


The family and I had dinner with te family of Jack-of-all-trades tonight at their home. It was a pleasure to join you all.


The family and I are headed out on possibly our last ever trip to Marble Falls, TX - homeland of Grandaddy B. The funeral is Wednesday morning with a viewing on Tuesday night. This will possibly be the largest gathering of B's in my lifetime. There's never been a family reunion on my dad's side (that I know of). I'm looking forward to it.

I may make possible reports from the field, if necessary as I'm told that the hotel we're staying at has wifi. Stay tuned...


Mark said...

Its too bad that we usually only see our whole family AFTER someone dies. Reunions are a great time for sharing stories, and reconnecting with your roots. Have a great trip.

miller said...

we had a great time too.

i'm glad Obi wan is better, maybe he's still there because God wants him there for some reason... or maybe, as you suggest, its a corrupt medical system. whatever it is, it sounds like he has learned the secret of being content whatever the circumstances.

peace, safety, and great connections for you and your family.