Thursday, March 16, 2006

Back home

We returned to the fair mother city late this afternoon. Really had a great time with my dad, aunt and uncle at Marble Falls' most infamous cafe last night.


Probably should have reported this earlier as "Testimony #007.5", but we were given a wad of cash by the izzy group just before our trip. That was a huge break since we were pretty much just biting the bullet on this whole deal. Then, as we get there both my dad and my aunt had reserved us a hotel room for 2 nights. Another huge break. Thank you CEO.


I have officially been given the monumental task of going through a large box of photos from my grandfather who past and scanning them and putting them up on the internet for family to view & comment. Any and all suggestions for which photo hosting platform I might use would greatly be appreciated. Please include pros & cons, etc. I look forward to doing this as family history has always fascinated me. I don't know what will become of these photos once they are scanned (which will take months). Guess I'll sit and wait for orders.


And last but not we drove back on our street we saw Obi-Wan's front door open which is the sure sign that he's back home. Thank you CEO. He had finally been released from the hospital Tuesday night. He made soup and cornbread for us to eat with him tonight. But the real celebration is tomorrow night with fried catfish nuggets. Can't wait.


Mike said...

that is good news about obi

hmmm corn bread

deana said...

flickr is a great way to put pictures out there for the family to see... it's free and you can upload straight from your iphoto account. if you click on any of the pictures on my site it will take you to our photos on there and you can see what it's about.