Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday randoms...

Spent quite a bit of time with Uncle Kurt today (it's always good to be with family). A few months ago the folks at the Baptist Beach Head helped him get situated with a food stamp debit card. He hasn't used it a whole lot. We went grocery shopping at HEB today. He loves going to HEB because back in December, their corporate headquarters sponsored a huge free meal for the entire city down at the civic center. I think 5000 people attended or something. Anyway, Kurt was there that day. And he was very impressed and extremely thankful for what they did. So he figures, if he's gonna go grocery's gonna be at HEB. Today he stopped 2 HEB employees to tell them how appreciative he was for that civic center meal they had. He was serious.


Uncle Kurt and I visited Obi-Wan in the hospital. With the help of a nurse, we convinced him to let us push him around the building in a wheelchair and go outside for some fresh air. Nothing special happened. But I wish I had a photo of the 3 of us going down these hallways. We turned a few heads and received a few glances from hospital security. A 35 year old long haired white guy and an older weather-beaten, limping homeless guy pushing an elderly black man whose hair is now a cross between Don King and Bozo the clown. I'm sure we look suspicious.


Out on a walk a little beyond my neighborhood I ran into a blast from the izzy group's past, Missy - the youngest sister of Jed Clampett, mentioned at the end of THIS POST. All of her and her family's background is in that post. She is the one who actually left the family and got married to some handicapped guy she met at a nursing home. I had heard that her husband died this past January. He had a lot of health complications. They had been married 2.5 years. When I saw her on the street, she looked broken and defeated. Her car broke down the day after his death, so she's been on foot ever since. She had left her apartment by N. Willis earlier today to walk all the way to N 10th and Treadway (a long way) to visit his grave site for the first time. Then she walked all the way to United on N. 10th and Willis (another long way) to buy some supper. Then I ran into her. I invited her to walk home with me so Agent Wife & I could visit her and we'd drive her home.

I cannot imagine what it is like to lose a spouse and have your car break down and every little thing in your world crash around you all at once. She was so broken. Sometimes...the only way to minister to someone is to shut up and be a listening ear.


Looks like our Sable will sell tomorrow (Monday) around noon. I had my first call for the car today. The guy made an offer without even driving it. I'm very sad about this because again...I like this car. I don't want to get rid of it. And this is not the way I had envisioned getting rid of this car. I would have loved to give it to someone like Missy one day. But on the other hand. I'm excited that I'll have the means to pay some bills for a while.

Agent Wife & I are trying to reconstruct our lives to revolve around one vehicle. And that one vehicle is 13 years old with 233K miles. The Millenium Falcon...she's never failed me yet. We've been spoiled with 2 cars for the last 2 years...


Mike Exum said...

God bless you Agent B. You've got a tender heart and warm stories. You put some healthy perspective on my day, my week, my life. Thanks.

And as for strolling around the hospital with a motley crew for Jesus, that is prophetic. And it gives me thoughts for my next post (if I can find the time for it).

Many blessings....

miller said...

brother, if you ever need a ride... my little pickup awaits. all you need do is let me know and the keys are yours (and the truck too).

that is if we don't have to sell it to pay some bills!

thanks for walkin' it! (no pun intended)

Agent B said...

Thanks Jack. Very generous offer.


The Sable sold without a hitch at approx 12:15p today. All is well. We can breathe again.