Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Obi-Wan Tales Chapter IV: wise & wicked servants

(A continuing series of stories of my elderly neighbor)

Obi-Wan once told me a tale from his gas station attendant days. The owner of the shop was going out of town for a week and put Obi-Wan (the only black employee) in charge over the other 3 employees (white). And one of the others was the owner's son.

Of course, race was an issue with the 3 employees. That alone made it hard for them to respect Obi-Wan's given authority. Then the 3 employees just messed around on their job, showing up late and leaving early and what not. The owner's son didn't even show up one day.

Judgement day comes. The owner returned and wanted a detailed account from Obi-Wan on the week's business. The reports showed how business suffered because the other guys weren't doing their job. The owner fired his son and promoted Obi-Wan over the other 2 guys.

I was reminded of this story as I ran across Matthew 24:45-51 in The Book. The CEO's son relays an illustration about being prepared for the end whenever it arrives.

I'm guess many other lessons perspire from this same passage, like reaping and sowing honesty and perhaps diligence.

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Jason said...

Awesome story, man. I love it.