Tuesday, March 21, 2006

the music files

Made contact with the manager of the Jedi Counsel Room. It looks as though my dormant identity will have a steady gig at my most favorite place to play in the universe.

Although still keeping as low a profile as possible, I may be juggling 2 identities in the near future: Agent B and my musician side. Looking forward to it greatly.


deana said...

what do you play?

Agent B said...

well...to disclose of that info would be a dead give-a-way to my local identity. Sorry.

Email me if you really want to know.

james said...

Congrats friend! You are a very talented fellow and am glad to see you have this opportunity!

miller said...


hopefully you will clue me in to some of the gigs you'll be playing...

i'd like to hear more of your music.