Sunday, June 11, 2006

sit com

I don't like TV. Especially sitcoms. Which is ironic since I came up with a sitcom idea based on my experiences with the izzy group ministry.

If someone can actually take his idea and make me a few bucks, I'll split it 50/50.

Since Jesus and "ministry" are usually subjects (and words) avoided at all costs by TV executives, I have created this setting in and around a generic non-prof inner-city "homeless shelter". The purpose of the series would NOT be to poke fun at the poor, but rather to raise awareness of the reality of poverty with a real tongue-in-cheek wackiness. Much like "Taxi" from the early '80s.

The characters would all be based on real-life people I've known. There would, of course, be the main characters, then a steady revolving door of "minor" characters much like it was at the izzy group. The minor characters are what keep the audience coming back.

"The Least of These" - by Agent B
copyright 2002

(main characters)

ANDY SANCHEZ: (based on myself and several co-workers) race: Hispanic. Andy is the neutral-focal point of the series which most (but not all) of the story lines bounce off from - much like Judd Hirch's character on "Taxi" (hey, who didn't like that show?). He is divorced, in his mid 30's, relates to street people very well due to his childhood as he was raised by a single mom in poverty. He becomes like a loving "father-figure" to most of his "clients" - although sometimes he'd rather kick all of their asses.

BERTINA CAMPBELL: (based on some of my co-workers) race: black or white. An overweight, muumuu wearing, mothering office keeper whose head stays in the clouds and always thinks "everything is just fine" even when her own world is falling apart. She is married to a wise cracking, self-employed lawn care worker who makes brief occasional cameos.

MS. GRETTA FINCH: (based on several of our volunteers) race: white. A widowed senior citizen who spends her time volunteering at the "shelter". She is a loving person, yet at first she has a difficult time relating to the "clients" since she worked hard all of her life and grew up in the depression. She's equipped with a southern (Georgian) drawl and always delivering some half-witted Southern aphorism (ex: "Back home in Valdosta they use to say when you'd die before you go to heaven you have to stop in Atlanta"). Wacky. Imagine that red-haired waitress in Mel's Diner on "Alice".

MR. STAN REEVES: (based on some of the 'powers-that-be') race: white. A tie & jacket wearing board member who supposedly has a caring heart for the poor, but is so removed from them that his decisions do not always reflect the overall mission of the shelter. He can usually be a class-act jerk, but not 100% of the time.

BILLY RAY BRAZELL: (based on a real guy by the same name, but who never actually worked with me) race: black. An elderly thin man with a lot of character and a punch line for everything Bertina does. He volunteers at the shelter and usually does fix-it maintenance.

(minor characters)

ADOLPHO MUSOLINI, JR. (based on an overweight homeless Mexican guy named Momo) race: Italian decent. This 300 pound, bulldog-looking, intimidating demeanor of a human has pushed a huge shopping cart around the streets of this fictional city for over 20 years. Adolpho believes it is everyone's duty to help him because he's homeless. The whole town knows him, especially law enforcement and jailers. He's a comedian within his circumstances - seriously referring to collecting cans as "his business" that he's the CEO of, etc. Deep down this guy is a big sentimental cream-puff.

JIM DREW: (based on one of the many transients I worked with named Super Dave). Race: white. Jim doesn't speak much. Yet this tall, thin Viet Nam vet has many quirks (or perhaps a catch-phrase) that make him memorable. (ie: whenever he tells a story of significant unimportance, he always gets up and swiftly walks away after the climax of the story is delivered - you just have to witness this. It's funny).

SONNY "REV" HANCOCK: (based on a couple of guys I know) race: any. Rev is a drunken street preacher. Enough said.

I have way too much time on my hands...


ahbahsean said...

Why when I read through your cast, do I see the principle actors of Night Court all together happily recast into this ensemble??

Agent B said...

Yeah, probably.

I haven't watched anything in years to keep me updated and original. Night Court is about where I left off with TV watching...

But I was thinking the drama/comedy of Taxi...