Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hope deferred

In my universe within this day and age, all appears hopeless. This is not a doom-n-gloom whining. But I have specific promises that the CEO has given me, and I'm assuming my dream of The Table is part of that promise package.

However, looking at my surrounding situation, The Table and anything else associated with music and ministry with the poor seems like a real pipe dream right now.

Friday night Pastor Bubba from Johnson County, TX (where rednecks were invented) preached to the remnant of the izzy group at the home of The Bossman. His message was on this era in his church's life on not fearing and having courage.

In 1 Samuel 27, David basically left the promises the CEO gave him on becoming king because all evidence on the matter seem to point elsewhere. He was anointed King, was invited to live in the king's house and play music, impressed the whole nation (kills Goliath), marries into the king's family, etc. Things up to that point look good on being king someday.

But then all goes southward. Saul runs him off trying to kill him, Samuel dies, etc. So David gives up hope on being king and becomes a Bandito for 16 months in Philistine. As if he just threw his arms up and figured, "I've always been good at killing people. Might as well fall back on that career path."

I haven't been promised to be king. Nor am I going to become an outlaw.

But all outlook on the way I desire serious ministry to the poor en masse in the fair mother city seems hopeless. And my wife and I are about to have a second mouth to feed, yet we have no flipping idea how we are going to pay bills this month...which is no different from the previous 20 months.

Yet I stand before you, the body of christ, and announce that Agent Wife & I refuse to fear our circumstances and the appearance of hopelessness.

We will not doubt the promises on our life. We will have courage.


miller said...

stand firm bro.

we stand with you.

my family and i are entering a season very similar to the circumstance you are in...

you increase our faith.

hold fast.

Elaine said...

The thing that gets me through these "seasons" of time is that God is bigger than my situation, my need, my thoughts, etc. He is bigger and more powerful. He loves us and "has plans to prosper us and give a hope & future if we will seek Him." I have to trust and believe Him that He has not brought us this far to forget about us. Do not grow weary. Hold onto His promises. He will bring them about in HIS timing and ways.
Stand firm!

lass said...

found you through Deana. would you mind terribly if I used part of your David thing on my xanga? you ripped a band aid off for me that I've been working so hard to keep on.

on xanga I'm lass2569. let me know what you think.

Agent B said...

me & elaine: thanks for the encouragement.

Mike Exum said...


Your post got me thinking, not so much about King David (for like that story Joseph dreamed that all the other haystacks & stars bowed down to his, but he spent a few years in slavery and jail on the route to the palace (it is a regular biblical theme)), but rather of an obscure tale in II Kings 6 & 7 about a group of beggars. The "fair mother city", then called Samaria, was under seige. Things were so bad in the city that the nobles were starving and eating their children. If it was that bad for the nobles, well you can guess how it was for the beggars.

So the beggars are at the city gate. They are looking at their circumstances, and they see that the situation is desperate. What to do? Every day the Arab army surrounding the city puts on an old fashion style Texas BBQ and lets the scent drift on the wind to the city full of starving cannibals. The beggars decide that if they stay with the city, they will starve to death. If they go out to the enemy camp, they will be killed by the enemy. But, the enemy has food! And just maybe they will have mercy and share. They decide they have nothing to lose.

Well, I'll let you read the rest to find out what happens.

Meanwhile, it is enough to say that you are like a beggar at the city gate. What to do? Keep looking to God, and see if He might use His people too.

I am praying...

Many blessings....

Mike said...

dude, i don't know what to say.