Wednesday, June 14, 2006

calling all agents

Obi-Wan received news from his doctor that is feet and/or legs may have to be amputated soon. He goes to the hospital for testing this Friday.

He's in very good spirits despite this life-altering news.

As long as I've known him (3 years), Obi-Wan's only desires in living to his dying day has been: 1) to live in his own home (no nursing home) and 2) to use his own 2 feet (not being wheelchair bound). So far so good.

In behalf of Obi-Wan I plead for your prayers that #2 can be fulfilled. Thanks...


agent wife said...

CEO, we know that you are in control of this and we ask, please, please, please that you would make it so that Obi-wan can keep his feet and while you're at it, it would be extra awesome if you removed the pain in them. We do know that you know what is best, so if that's not it, Your will be done and may we know that You are in it. Please don't make him go back to the hospital all that time again, he's so happy at home.

Mark said...

You know this man is in my heart and in my prayers. As much as Obi-Wan means to you all and to all of us, the CEO loves him way more. I pray that he is given a completely restored body.

miller said...

Lord please heal obi-Wan,


we trust you God

we trust you