Sunday, June 04, 2006

Under construction Pt II

Today is church day. And in the fair mother city that means the sidewalks pretty much roll up on Sundays and not much work gets done. That's OK. It's the culture I'm embedded within and I can respectfully live with that. Most everyone works throughout the week and Sunday is the only day they get to worship one way or another and relax.

I have to remind myself of this as Agent Wife & I enjoy a life where we don't have to work for another person or punch a clock to put food on the table. I've been a part of that regular 40-plus hour work week life for years and it's schedule oriented. Schedules are good. It's how stuff gets done.

I'm a "schedule" guy myself. But my schedule is different thus my worship is different.

My partner in this wheelchair ramp construction, Mr. Mackey, goes to a church service on Sunday morning then to some kind of home group church service on Sunday evening. We only worked on the ramp from about 1:30p-5:00p. Better than nothing.

It would be selfish, if not abusive of me to expect him to skip his church services to build this ramp. Building the ramp, in a way, is one of my forms of worship. I have to remind myself that this is not so with others.

While framing out the porch deck and first 10 foot incline, a man from Obi-Wan's church dropped by. Obi-Wan hasn't been able to attend his baptist church in 3 years, so this guy comes by once every 2 weeks and brings tapes of the sermons.

Obi-Wan's church friends always get nervous around me. They usually show up when I'm doing some kind of work around his house that Obi-Wan himself can't do. It's as if they're thinking "Oh shit. That skinny ass white boy's doing what I'm supposed to be doing."

It really is kind of awkward. But I don't care. I figure Obi-Wan's one of my best friends, I'm young with energy, and I've got plenty of time on my hands. I wouldn't expect his church friends or anyone to do this stuff when they probably all work full time jobs.

Thank you CEO for Obi-Wan's church friends, Mr. Mackey's heart and skills, and allowing me to be available.


Dustin said...

hey B, shoot me your email when you get a chance if possible. I didn't see it on your profile. thanks, D

Mike said...


really are a skinny ass white boy.