Friday, June 23, 2006


The family and I had approximately 3 days/nights house-sitting for our friend's the Carrs in rural Jones county. It was our only chance at a vacation. This was also our very last bit of alone time as a trio before the influx of family comes for the arrival of Agent Offspring #2, who is due to join us soon.

We have house sat for them before. There is farm animal maintenance involved. But this year was painfully easy as our chores required only one evening of work which took about 30 minutes.

I love going out there. Their property is only about 20 minutes away from the fair mother city but it feels like hours away from civilization.

This was our first time with a toddler (AO #1). So relaxing and reading was a bit more difficult.

A few messages from the CEO were delivered to me during this time through the following mediums:

1) Several messages came through a book that I found in the old izzy group clothing ministry years ago. I forgot I had it until a recent closet clean. I can't say enough about How to Use the Power of Your Word by Stella Terrill Mann. Good luck finding a copy. It was written in 1955 and has long been out of print.

2) Went on my John Eldridge/He-Man solo adventure through the sandy, cacti terrain of Jones County. My trek's goals were to reach the well pump located somewhere at the end of the property and to listen/commune with the CEO in the process. I have been to the well before (literally and maybe spiritually, I guess) but it had been years. After 45 minutes I grew frustrated that I hadn't reached it and wondered if I missed the well. A rare urge and opportunity to climb a 30 foot oak tree arrived which gave me the view I needed to see that the well was practically right in front of my face...maybe 75 yards. This could easily be an accurate picture of my life right now. Anyway, I climbed down, found the well, then forged a path home.

3) My wife and I watched Hotel Rwanda, a movie I've been wanting to see. Good film. Probably not good to watch right before bed like I did.

It was a short vacation but I'm very thankful for it none the less...

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