Saturday, June 17, 2006

Agent B - 007

Strolling down the sidewalk of my street this morning with Agent Offspring, I stumbled upon a house burglary in progress.

It was at the home of Vincent and his wife. They live across the street and down a few houses. They're also one of the handful of neighbors I have not met yet.

AO & I were walking on the sidewalk in front of Vincent's place. There was a young, 18-20 year old looking black guy standing at Vincent's side fence gate looking off to the side. He never looked at me. I'm sure his peripheral vision saw me just fine.

This guy was looking towards some noise in the back of Vincent's house. I got a good look at him and kept walking. Then I realized neither of Vincent's cars were home. Could be a coincidence. This black guy could be a friend of his for all I know.

But in about 4 minutes I completed the walk and took AO home. I went back to get a closer look.

The guy was gone. I walked back to the alley to get a view of Vincent's back yard. Again, no one was there.

Then a cop car shows up in the alley. "Oh crap" I'm thinking. Someone calls the cops and here I am in the alley near the property looking suspicious.

So I walked up to the cop and told him what I was doing, etc.

Turns out, the next door neighbor, John Johnson (another neighbor I've never really met, but my racist neighbor Mr. Buckley knows him) called the cops.

John actually saw the black guy plus a husky mexican kid with a buzz cut from his bathroom window. The husky kid broke a window to Vincent's house with a tire iron and was preparing to break in. The guy I saw was the "lookout" guy. And they must have bolted soon after I walked by the first time.

So I've had cops interviewing me on and off all morning. One came to my house and while here he got a call about this case. Apparently Vincent's nephew usually works with him. But he called in sick around the time of the break-in. And his caller ID showed a number from our neighborhood, meaning he was near by.

So basically, the nephew is the prime suspect last I heard.

The good news is nothing was stolen and nobody harmed. I got to talk to Mr. Buckley, even if I didn't care for his racial views on the crime. And I sort of met John for the first time. And now I have an excuse to meet Vincent.

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