Saturday, June 03, 2006

Under construction Pt I

Ever since Obi-Wan was in the hospital a few months back, he's been itching to get a wheel chair ramp made. He's had a wheelchair since last fall. His nurse had a guy build a small ramp in his garage. But it's short and steep and hard to navigate.

I'd love to build it, but I can't build crap. Well...I think I have the mind set and personality to be an excellent builder (neat, methodical, organized, etc.). But I have no experience. And no tools.

I built a compost box out of 4 pallets once.

Obi-Wan wanted to "coach" me through the building. He's built lots of things throughout his life. I've seen many of them. There all practical, but jicky. He's got a bookshelf made with a bunch of old scrap lumber. He also built his own china cabinet. It's all one piece. It can't be moved.

If Obi-Wan had the ability to build his own wheelchair ramp (a weird thought) it would probably be a glorified piece of plywood on a cinderblock. I could probably build that.

But I think I'm getting pretty good at organizing events (like wheelchair ramp building) with the right people. So I recruited Mr. Mackey from across the street. The Mackey's have known Obi-Wan for over 30 years.

Mr. Mackey is the brains behind this operation. He builds stuff for a living. He's mostly a cabinet maker. His shop in his back yard is killer. It's like a giant toy room. You flip a switch and like five blades turn on and start moving like a giant Christmas display. There's vacuum tubes hooked up from the ceiling to the table saws that remove the dust, etc.

And me...I'm a pretty good second-set-of-hands, hole digger, gopher boy, and liaison between Obi-Wan and the actual builder.

Mr. Mackey's doing a good job. It's going to turn out real pro.


Deana said...

I'm constantly amazed how everything you need is provided. From rent, to cars, to friends, and neighbors.

Agent B said...

Deana: thanks for the kind words. I need to hear them.

Sometimes I wander around in life asking myself if I'm just making a big deal about a bunch of little nonsense stuff. I need confirmations like yours.

Actually, that's one of the main reasons I started this blog: to write about these small goofy events and look back at them and see the CEO in it. Also, so I wouldn't forget them.

Deana said...

B, it has helped me pay attention to the small things. Sometimes I can get so wrapped up in the craziness of our life and forget that every breath that Max takes is orchestrated from God. Steve's work, our home, being Max's parents...our life's all part of a bigger plan. Glad we're all in it together!