Thursday, June 29, 2006

'Hood Tales Pt I: Jenny

Eight year old Jenny, first introduced here, came by our house today for a while. She usually hangs out with her 10 year old brother Sebastian, but he was at his grandparents house around the block. When asked why Jenny wasn't there too she said it was because there was another boy there with him and that her mom (Carole) didn't want Jenny to be near that other boy. Then later Jenny's story changed slightly. Something about her grandparents not being home. Kids tell tall tales a lot. I don't know if it's due to great imaginations, summertime boredom, or desire for attention. Jenny doesn't seem like the lying type. But who knows at this point.

Since school is out and Carole works all day at the Dollar Store down the block, Jenny wanders the neighborhood daily looking for something to do. She came by this evening and tells us she hasn't eaten anything all day. Could be true. But with further questioning her story meanders all over the place...much like her neighborhood travels. She said her mom was about to get off work so I didn't panic too much over the food issue. But so many kids get free meals at school. So when school's out, many mom's neglect to feed their kids with any semblance of a schedule...if at all. It's every kid for himself.

Do you question? Do you talk to the parents? That could be too delicate. Do you just open your door and feed them? I'd think so. But maybe their parents don't want them in your house eating your food. Who knows.


Matthew said...

Agent B said...
But maybe their parents don't want them in your house eating your food. Who knows.

I guess you have to meet their parents and find out?

Agent B said...


With Jenny, we know her mom and her mom's boyfriend fairly well. It's kind of tricky because Carole (the mom) nervously pretends she has it "all together" when she's around us...even though it's obvious she doesn't by her own percieved standards.

We're seeking the CEO on if/when/how we should approach Carole on this. Jenny could easily be lying for attention. But also, I know it would be humiliating for a neighbor to come up to ME and ask, "hey...are you FEEDING your kids??". So we don't know if we should approach Carole the same way.

We don't see any imediate danger or neglect in this situation. Just some awkward social ordeals...

miller said...

maybe you should just ask if its alright if Jenny snacks while she's at your house?

that avoids any awkwardness by implying mom might not want her snacking between meals