Monday, April 09, 2007

randoms: monday april 9, 2006


My dear friend and mentor Obi-Wan was moved from the hospital to the rehab center about a week and a half ago. The rehab center is the Taj Mahal of hospital stays. Complete with nice comfy spacious rooms, flat screen TVs and what seems like a nurse to patient ratio of 19:1. He's well cared for.

And he's actually getting rehab'ed as opposed to doped up with IV's and lying in a daily daze watching Oprah.

Obi-Wan can do more things for himself now than I remember him doing a few months ago. All with only one leg now. Yay rehab center folks.

And rumor has it that he should come home soon. Possibly this week. Just in time for his upcoming 90th birthday.


Son and Dad Tree Service Inc:

I've been off since Thursday due to The Son's Easter travels and cold snowy wet weather in the fair mother city. Perhaps I'll work some tomorrow afternoon.


Uncle George:

It is no secret that I am a huge fan/admirer of George Muller (1805-1898). He lived only by prayer and faith in the CEO. Thus he told the CEO only (and no man or church group) of his needs and desires. The CEO delivered always. Through his lifetime (and well beyond) 120,000 orphans were housed, schooled, and raised on his prayers and faith alone.

I am in the midst of reading everything I can get my hands on about him. Most of which says the same as all books draw of his left behind journals and other eye witness sources.

Currently, I am reading his recently reprinted 700 page autobiography, that I started back in November (mentioned here). I couldn't finish it before our holiday travels. My alumnus' library, who's student workers are notorious for re-shelving books in the wrong place, lost it. I recently found it 100 Dewey Decimals away.

This book is the detailed daily activities of Muller as opposed to the numerous digest briefs published.

The orphan work started in 1835 and are still in existence today. It's reassuring to know that Muller went through the same faith struggles that I endure.

He was not superman.

1838-1945 were the greatest years of trials. Many of the details of his staff trying to pay rent on the orphan houses are kin to my own ordeals with the mortgage in recent months. And as I am still discovering, the CEO always delivers to those who ask. Nice to read of similar trials in others from 170 years ago.

On these reports, George Muller will continued to be affectionately referred to as Uncle George.


Messianic Gentile said...

Inspirational. Muller is in my "to read" list.

Agent X

Jason & Nicole said...

Details . . . sounds good. Going to have to add that to my reading list, too.