Friday, April 13, 2007

testimony #027 & #028

In a determined attempt to not forget all of the small and seemingly trivial things of our weird lives, here are some recent testimonies that I’m trying to catch up on:

A) Yesterday I receive a letter from my mortgage company. They performed some new math on my monthly payment. Not only is my monthly payment going to be about $20 less each month, but they sent a check for $81 due to an escrow account abundance. Thank you CEO. The very bill I struggled paying for last month is now giving back to me. Weird.

We do not seem to have any $81 needs in our life at this time. I’m praying what this is meant for.


B) (I glossed over this last month, but recently saw some significance)

Last month I received an electric bill that totaled $8. I knew this was a mistake since our bill is usually in the $50-$60 range this time of year.

The previous month I never received a bill in the mail. So I looked up the account online, saw that $51 was due, and paid online via debit card.

I don’t like online transactions. I’m convinced some hacker somewhere can rob me blind. $8 bill shows that the total for this month was really $59, but that I had paid $51 online...TWICE. So now, only $8 was due.

Well, I panicked. There’s no way I could have been operating all month with an additional $51 less from my account. We were bare to the bone and would have overdrawn more than once.

I went to the bank to see if the electric company really took $51 from me twice.

Nope. Only once. But their bill says twice.

The electric company screwed my favor.

Since the universe operates on a “reap what you sow” principle, I figured I better call and straighten this out since it could come back and bite me in the butt. Had this mistake gone against me instead of for me, you bet I’d be harassing them and taking no prisoners. So I better “fess up” and show them their mistake.

After 29 minutes of phone tree mania, I finally reached a human. The electric company lady had a confused tone in her voice as I explained their mistake. Like maybe she was thinking, “You dumb-ass. Why are you calling? Take the money and run!”

So she explains that according to their records, I paid twice and there was nothing she could do to change that. She would leave a note on my account saying I called, but that’s it.

At the end of the month, we had just enough money to pay for all of our needs and not a penny more. Had that electric bill been $59 instead of $8, we wouldn’t have made it.

Thank you CEO.

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