Friday, April 06, 2007

my $.02

In light of my wife’s recent report, as well as Organic Guy’s and Jack’s, here’s my input.

On living “outside the box”, outside of the cage, and losing a sense of weirdness...

At first, I didn’t like this outside-the-box life (that is...assuming we really are outside). It was thrust upon me due to circumstances beyond my control.

But instead of fighting it and trying to make my own destiny happen, I slowly went with the flow of sorts. Like the CEO was allowing me to slowly enter this hot-tub of weirdness one toe at a time, as opposed to diving in. I think I’m liking it more all the time.

It would be far easier to just have a career, save up for the future, join the local church, play "team", suck ass, and look forward to retirement.

But I would be miserable. Ever since childhood, none of those things have ever turned me on.

That would be a boring-ass life.


Mike said...

indeed it would be a boring ass life. but compared to the lame ass life i live now it appears attractive.

Anonymous said...

As for "thrust upon me...," I say, Spoken like a prophet, man.

If you go look closely at Jeremiah saying he has to preach because of the "fire in my bones," you will see that his message was not his, nor was it popular. Basically, neither he nor Israel liked the message or that Jeremiah was delivering it. But it had to come out. Reminds me of Lightnin' Hopkins song -Boogie Chilin'- and the line where he "heard ma and pa talkin' and Pa said 'He gotta boogie woogie in 'im, an' it got to come out!'"

If you listen to Pop religion (by the way I note that "religion" gets a bad name these days making it a buzzzword for everything that is wrong in Church and in the Kingdom of God - another mistake in my view. But I am willing to label that notion "pop religion") any way, if you listen to Pop Religion, you will find Pop preacher after Pop Preacher who quotes that line about fire in my bones from Jeremiah completely out of context as if it was some great inspiration and Jeremiah was a great preacher who everyone loved. But that is not the way Jeremiah or the king of Israel viewed it at all.

Keep up the good work. I am a fan, if that applies to this sort of thing.

Agent X

Anonymous said...

Oops. Thats not Lightnin' Hopkins; make that John Lee Hooker.

sorry 'bout the confusion...