Monday, April 02, 2007

pruning boy #004: a day in the life

6:15a – awake

6:16a – coffee, feed dog, etc.

6:30-7:30a – communications with the CEO and the agent network via internet.

7:30a – breakfast, kids, dress, stuff

8:57a – Arrive at the boss’s house (The Son). Weed-eat his and The Dad’s property while The Son checks on a potential future job.

9:35a – Assume my migrant worker seating position in the back of the van with various chainsaws, tools, and butt-loads of gasoline and other toxic materials that aren’t meant to be inhaled for long periods.

9:45a – Go to feed store to pick up a pallet (40 bags) of fertilizer for about 70 jobs. They only have 10. And the new shipment comes next week, with a new, higher price. The Son already quoted his customers a certain price for fertilizing and no one else has this formula in town. The Son is mad.

10:02a – Drive up North Treadaway. See Jack and possibly his long-lost daughter in passing, out front on their property.

10:15-11:45a – fertilize trees for one customer with various properties all over the north side of town. This customer owns the largest scrap yard/recycling center in town. Get an up close view of some fancy properties that few know of.

11:57a – Agent Wife & kids pick me up for lunch.

1:01p – back in my migrant worker seat. Off to various fertilizing jobs.

1:55p – Find myself asking “are we in Hollywood?” as we fertilize the hoityest-toityest house I’ve ever seen in the fair mother city. It struck me odd since it’s location is not exotic or a private acreage. The Son tells me that the owners had the original house demolished in order to build the current one. I’ve been in some nice upper level homes around here, but this was first class all around.

3:02-5:27p – mow & edge The Son & The Dad’s yards.

5:39p – home, shower.

6:03p – supper with the family

6:40p – clean a butt-load of dishes. Agent Wife baked muffins which caused extra dirty dishes. Worth the sacrifice.

7:05-8:30p Hang out in the back yard with kids and on the driveway. Sebastian & Jenny’s mom pulls over to talk. She’s having a baby in two months. Also, our down the street neighbor Amy pulls over. Tells us a story how she and her husband lost two cars in one day (a wreck and a blow-up). Then they received two cars by the end of the weekend. Her dad gave them a minivan that wasn’t being used. Then her church bought them another minivan as a blessing. Thank you CEO for the testimonies.

9:00p - kid’s baths

9:34p – email, more communications with the agent network, etc. Report.

Off to the home remodeling gig tomorrow.

Good night.


Anonymous said...

migrant worker seat

toxins not to be inhaled for long...

I am laughing.

I know that seat

Deana said...

amazingly I know that seat unce used to use us as child workers to hand out flyers on his lawn service each spring break. we got paid $5 a day...and an extra $2 for the child who handed out 100 that day. It was great fun though.