Friday, April 20, 2007

good news reports (friday ed.)

1) Welcome Home:

After nine weeks in the hospital, one less leg, and rehab, Obi-Wan returned home today.

He's in very good health and spirits. I haven't seen him appear this healthy since 2005. Amputation has its merits, I suppose.

I'm still impressed with the rehab part. He can hop from his wheel chair and into my car now better than when he had two legs. Amazing. We even went on a grocery excursion this afternoon and he was full of energy the whole time.

A week from today Obi-Wan turns 90. We're planning some sort of birthday/welcome home bash.


2) Travel prayers answered:

For some time I have wanted to visit Boston. A majority of the agent network (from abroad) reside there and I've developed good relations with them via the internet.

Two months ago my desire was upped as the Why Man announced his church's conference gig the weekend of May 4.

I can't stand conferences. I burned out on those ego-fests back when I expected to attend them while employed by a church. But I figure any conference called "God For People Who Hate Church" is worth traveling 1600 miles to.

And hey, one of the guest speakers is the son of Jim and Tammy Faye. That's got to be amusing, at the least.

I flippantly prayed for the funds to attend. Last week I prayed for a specific amount to show up in our lives if I am to go.

The next day a check arrived from a friend in Ontario. He's mysteriously sent us ministry support for over five years as a result of some embarrassing letter writing campaign where we begged people to support us as missionaries.

Agent Wife and I have long abandoned those begging and manipulative tactics.

Over the years we've informed this individual of the changes with the izzy group, and even our recent departure from it. But communicating with him is confusing. We only hear from him twice a year when he sends money.

His check was accompanied with a note: "Heard you left the izzy group. I want to continue supporting you."

Anyway, his check was in Canadian funds and unfortunately, written out to the izzy group by his book keeper. It was always impossible to cash it in izzy's name anyway, and Agent Wife & I have a Canadian account in our name. So we returned it and requested a different check.

So I figured I didn't have the money to travel. More like a vague promise for money.

But then today a group of folks made the funds available.

So I'm headed to Boston for the first weekend of May.

I'm soooo looking forward to this...thank you CEO.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for ObiWan! Make it a memorable party. Wish I was there...

Agent X

agent wife said...

To me what was so cool was that the CEO showed us clear direction. We were thinking the first check was an answer to the prayer, but it was going to take a big chunk of money and was that really a yes, so He gave us a second confirmation with the promise from another source. He is so faithful, even, or maybe especially when we are not sure, seeking direction, a clear answer in this. I'm more excited about hearing Him clearly than the conference or getting out of town or anything. It's just always good to know He's here with us, guiding.

james said...

A warming post. yea CEO indeed! Looking forward to seeing/meeting you man. :)