Saturday, April 28, 2007

Happy 90th Obi-Wan

Turned out to be a great party.

Many of the neighbors came, contributed with the food and set-up, gave gifts, etc. Young Jenny, from up the street, made Obi-Wan a card and gave him a dollar bill that she got from "the tooth fairy" or something.

His son Lamont smoked a brisket and chicken, the best ever. I think he's worked as a cook in the food service industry most of his life.

And two of Obi-Wan's nieces and a nephew came in from Ft. Worth.

I think there's a lot of redemptive work happening between Obi-Wan and Lamont lately. This party has helped with that some.

Birthday boy...

...with niece, nephew, and son.

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james said...

Happy Birthday Obi-Wan! Be sure and tell him that we're glad he's alive. :)